"Before coming to the Dojo, I was unsure of myself and just plain scared of failure. My mind and mouth were overworking.  Paul taught me to  say “Fuck my fear and fuck shit up.” I learned to shut up, listen, and ‘put a period on it’ in order to let the scene develop organically vs. forcing my idea.  I learned to really feel and react through the lens of my character. I learned that simply responding to the last thing said can get me out of my head and back to listening to my partner.  Most importantly, Paul instilled a fiery passion and love of improv that was not there before the Dojo. His genuine love and passion for the art of Improv emanated from him during each class.  Because of Paul’s honest feedback and expertise, I feel like my abilities and confidence in improv has developed immensely." - Eddie Ruiz - Advanced Improv Program grad

"I did a lot of stuff that felt so uncomfortable to me, but was completely necessary for me to shed my fear and embrace the weirdness on stage. I feel like I've grown so much through improv and I can't wait to continue doing so. Paul is a natural teacher with lots of great tools to use and whose enthusiasm for the art of improv shows through his teaching." - Babel Barm - Advanced Improv Program grad

"My favorite thing was the small class size, allowing for consistent, honest individual feedback.  I’ve learned that what I have at the top of a scene is enough, to say what I’m thinking instead of thinking of what I should say, play smart and to commit to being absurd as possible without being apologetic about it. When I do all that, my character and scene will take care of themselves. My job is to listen, relax, slow down, turn off my monkey mind that wants to fight and be right, and behave honestly as the character." - Phil Touche, Advanced Improv Program grad


Advanced Improv Program Core Curriculum Levels 1,2,3

Please email with interest. Classes will start when enough people are interested.

Limited to 8 students.

Requirement: Graduation of an established improv program   

Learn how to:

Play slow

Embrace awkwardness

Experience the joy that comes with the freedom to play characters you wouldn't normally play

Raise your standards on what kind of improviser you want to be.

You'll learn a more powerful and challenging version of the dojo's "ABC's of Improv": Attention, Build, Commit.

Through all the levels, we revisit and review Viola Spolin's (the godmother of modern improvisation) Five Obstacles to a Direct Experience.

  1. The Approval/Disapproval Syndrome - Getting over trying to please others
  2. Self-Pity - Conquer self defeat
  3. Success/Failure - Transcend opposites of negative and positive
  4. Attitudes - Drop appearances and learn to deal with the problem
  5. Fear - Defeat fear through a direct experience

You'll get:

  • Honest individual feedback
  • Lots of scene work
  • A focus on finding your comedic voice
  • Stage time monthly with a 2 or 3 person team

Level 1 - Attention - 8 classes

Really pay attention, to every little detail. Let the scene present itself. Start with small things to create bigger things. Be aware not only of what your partner is doing, but what you are doing yourself.

Level 2 - Build - 8 classes

Heighten and build what makes your character, your partner's character, and the deal of the scene funny. 

Level 3 - Commit - 8 classses

Create strong characters making bold choices. Commit to each decision made in the scene. Reuse, recycle and reinvest in what you're created. 

Currently accepting students for Level 1, Mondays Nov. 6 through Jan 15, (minus Nov. 27, Dec. 25, Jan. 1)

Classes are limited to 8 students, to ensure lots of scene work and individual feedback.

All 3 levels (6 months total) taught by Paul Cross. 

Attendance policy: Missing more than 2 classes is cause for not advancing to the next level. Levels may be repeated at a significantly reduced rate. 

$225 - Payable on venmo to theimprovdojo or paypal to