Stay tuned for a big launch very soon! IMPROV WINS!!!

We’ve recently joined an established performance venue to begin a full 5 level training program and have our mainstage performances.

This program will be open for beginners and graduates of improv programs.

We will also be teaching comedy sketch writing classes.

In addition to our mainstage shows, we’ll be also be playing at a retirement community (very fun and rewarding if you like to bring joy to the elderly) and a local brewery (very fun and rewarding if you like to bring beer to the mouth)

Our classes entail:

  • The dojo’s ABC’s of improv: Attention, Build, Commit

  • Lots and lots of scene work with honest individual feedback

  • Much less focus on a particular “form”, much more focus on making you the improviser you want to be

We’ll continually revisit Viola Spolin's (the godmother of improvisation) Five Obstacles to a Direct Experience.

  1. The Approval/Disapproval Syndrome - Getting over trying to please others

  2. Self-Pity - Conquer self defeat and tired excuses

  3. Success/Failure - Transcend opposites of negative and positive

  4. Attitudes - Drop appearances and learn to deal with the problem

  5. Fear - Defeat fear through a direct experience

- A rising tide lifts all boats.