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Paul Cross

Paul’s philosophy of improv is that improvisers hold a funhouse mirror up to the audience, and he teaches with a heavy emphasis on the psychology behind the intersection of improv and humanity. Paul is a native Okie with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Education. Improvising since 1998, he completed training at Chicago’s The Second City, IO and The Annoyance Theatre in 2000, and performed on the Del-Award winning IO Chicago house team, “Fox Force Five." He’s also a grad of Chicago’s The Second City’s Writing Program, and has written several sketch shows. He wrote and taught the improv curriculum for Colorado School of Acting, taught improv for Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids, and in 2011 established The Improv Dojo in Denver. Creator/Director of the improvised within an outline modern adaptation shows, “Redneck Romeo and Juliet”, with 6 different casts/theatres, including The Second City Hollywood, and nominated for a Denver Post Ovation Award, “Mafia Macbeth”, and “Harry Potter and The Midsummer Night’s Dream.”


David preciado

David’s improv philosophy is absorb, judge, consistency, evolve, repeat. A San Diego native, graduate of The Second City Hollywood program and also trained at UCB and IO in L.A.  He has participated in numerous theatrical plays in San Diego and L.A. and received honorary mention in one of the San Diego 48 Hour Film Projects. While in The Second City program, he had the amazing privilege to be trained by legendary Jenna Jolovitz. He has coached house teams and been a house team member at Finest City Improv, and was a house team member at Old Town Improv Company. He has coached many house and indie teams in the San Diego area. He volunteers his time performing improv at Pace Senior Living Facilities and as an improv teacher/coach for “at risk youths” with Job Corps. He’s not bringing diversity to improv, he’s bringing improv to diverse people. He believes it’s just more effective that way. Check out his podcast with San Diego improvisers, “Improv Stuff and Thangs with David.



Stephen's improv philosophy is that you are enough.  Creating compelling characters, crafting engaging stories, and eliciting laughs are built on a foundation of confidence from knowing you possess the ability to entertain by being yourself and speaking your truth. A native Houstonian, Stephen has been a part of the San Diego improv community since 2014.  He graduated from the Finest City Improv program in 2015 and has been a house team member there ever since. He coaches an indie team, and performed in improvised within an outline shows as Tybalt in “Redneck Romeo and Juliet”, Voldemort/Oberon in “Harry Potter and The Midsummer Night's Dream”, and Donald Trump in “The Trump Clown Show.” He has received training in improv, sketch, and clown from greats including Craig Cackowski, Kevin McDonald, Red Bastard, Red Door, Paul Vaillancourt, Rachel Mason, and Jetzo.