"I did a lot of stuff that felt so uncomfortable to me, but was completely necessary for me to shed my fear and embrace the weirdness on stage. I feel like I've grown so much through improv and I can't wait to continue doing so. Paul is a natural teacher with lots of great tools to use and whose enthusiasm for the art of improv shows through his teaching." - Babel Barm

“The beauty of learning the ‘yes and’ in the beginning of one's improv journey is that you steer away from arguments. Paul allowed me to discover the beauty in holding a different viewpoint than my scene partner while still staying true to the rules of ‘yes and’.” - Jessica Farber

“Paul's a passionate improviser and gets right to the meat of things when he teaches. Rather than focusing on "rules", we spent our time finding what each scene was about, and once identified, found ways to make the scene more about that. The Dojo's approach enables you to sustain a scene and really dig in to the human vulnerability that we often shy away from. Paul understands what works and what doesn't in a scene and is intent on getting more of what works in our play.” - Seamus Scanlan

"If you play at the height of your intelligence, you can have great scenes about subjects that are otherwise deemed sensitive in nature. Don't be afraid about what the scene can be about; jump right in." - Michael Romero

"Before coming to the Dojo, I was unsure of myself and just plain scared of failure. My mind and mouth were overworking.  Paul taught me to  say “Forget my fear and mess stuff up.” I learned to shut up, listen, and ‘put a period on it’ in order to let the scene develop organically vs. forcing my idea.  I learned to really feel and react through the lens of my character. I learned that simply responding to the last thing said can get me out of my head and back to listening to my partner.  Most importantly, Paul instilled a fiery passion and love of improv that was not there before the Dojo. His genuine love and passion for the art of Improv emanated from him during each class.  Because of Paul’s honest feedback and expertise, I feel like my abilities and confidence in improv has developed immensely." - Eddie Ruiz

“In a scene, nothing should  be solved, but the urge to solve a problem or be apologetic for what happened in the circumstances of a scene is always there. Paul's workshop taught me to embrace the problem and use it as a gift to dig deeper into a character.  Once I did that, I was able to make bolder choices and play characters I might usually shy away from out of fear of failure.” - Jon Wright

“I learned how to pull "characters" from my real life in order to play characters on stage that I don’t usually get to play. It's safe to say I will be using this skill almost every time I improv from now on!” - Elwin Warsh

“Paul taught me how to play the kind of characters most people would straight-up avoid in our daily lives, and to honestly commit to them in a way that can breath uniquely entertaining new life in an on-stage relationship.  I highly recommend for all improvisers looking to expand their character and relationship work.” - Hudson Reynolds