Post-Graduate Improv Program

[It’s free.]


To guide graduates of an established improv program, free of charge, who feel that they still need to hone their skills. To guide them to their “Aha!” moments, and to continually have them ride those moments by continually challenging them. To guide them to find their comedic voice, with the result of becoming the type of improviser that they want to be.

I concern myself with making you a better improviser. I give you honest individual feedback. It works miracles. You will get notes. You will be expected to apply those notes. I will support you each step of the way. All you need to be is coachable. My goal is to help those who genuinely desire to improve, to see my graduates thrive in the community, to see them continually challenge themselves, and see them consistently helping improv win.


I (Paul Cross) observe how you improvise. I tell you what you do well, what’s delightful to see and hear from you, what is unique to you. I also tell you what you need to work on, the bad habits you may have, the hesitancy you may have to surrender to your character and what the scene needs. And I keep doing this, over and over and over. I hold you accountable and I make sure you hold yourself accountable. I challenge you to really pay attention to yourself. I focus on you becoming a better improviser, the kind of improviser that you want to be. I want you to thrive. Stephen Bowers and David Preciado will teach classes occasionally, but most of the classes will be taught by Paul.

Classes are limited to 8 people to ensure ample scene time and plenty of individual feedback.

We’ll continually revisit Viola Spolin's (the godmother of modern improvisation) Five Obstacles to a Direct Experience.

  1. The Approval/Disapproval Syndrome - Getting over trying to please others

  2. Self-Pity - Conquer self defeat and tired excuses

  3. Success/Failure - Transcend opposites of negative and positive

  4. Attitudes - Drop appearances and learn to deal with the problem

  5. Fear - Defeat fear through a direct experience

Missing more that 2 classes each 8 class period would really suck and will probably not allow you to advance to the next 8 week class period.


The Program is 24 classes, ideally being a weekly class on various weekday evenings and some Saturday days. My work schedule varies and classes will be determined anywhere from 30-60 days in advance. I will use a scheduling app to organize your availability. If you have too many commitments weekday evenings or Saturday days, this will not be a good fit for you. Diligence in letting me know your availability in a timely manner is crucial. I will start classes when I have accepted 8 students. I don’t know when that will be, but I will let you know if you are accepted or not shortly after you submit your email.

Being a free program, I don’t pay rent for a space. I do classes on my big fenced porch, in Encinitas.


Email me (thisguyispaul at yahoo dot com) with:

1) The improv program(s) you completed.

[My goal is to help those who have graduated from an improv program and are seeking to improve. I will not accept students who have not completed an established improv program.]

2) What you want to work on, what you do well, your philosophy of improv, what improv means to you, what improv has taught you, what you want to do with improv.

3) What does the phrase, “Improv wins!” mean to you.

4) An improv Haiku.

5) Certain weekday nights that will absolutely not work for you.